Daniel Hannih

born Daniel Johannes Albert Mitteregger - living and working in Graz, Austria.

While it all started with drawings in my childhood, the ways I try to express myself evolved in a lot of different categories. From illustrations and artworks to ui and ux design. From app and mobile games design to even developing them.

I also love creating large paintings with acrylics. In 2017, I released my first instrumental EP on Spotify. Right now I’m the Creative Director at App Radar. And I run a mobile games studio called PsyCat Games, which you should definitely check out right now.

I'm also a big supporter of veganism and created a website called vegan.rocks to provide resources about plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle.


Different projects from the last years.

Apps & mobile games

In 2018, I doubled down on mobile games and created an indie games studio called PsyCat Games. With a portfolio of 20+ apps and over 20.000 active user each month, our mission is to publish fun and addictive games.

App Radar

App Radar helps marketers and developers of mobile apps and games increasing their organic reach in the app stores. It’s a high-end SAAS solution powered by AI, with features designed to improving search rankings and your workflow.


Screenrecorded how-to and tutorial videos on Youtube.